Innovation Areas

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. is one of India's largest commercial enterprises with a sales turnover of Rs. 200,000 crore (US$ 30 billion) and profits of Rs. 5000 crore (US$ 800 million) for the year 2015-16. We are ranked 400 among the world's largest corporates in the prestigious Fortune 'Global 500' listing for the year 2016.

Innovation is the key to sustainability and success of any business. We at Bharat Petroleum truly believe in this and encourage innovation in all areas of our business .

We look forward to Areas of Innovation that would benefit Oil and Gas Sector, below given are a few such areas where innovative ideas could be game changers :
Low cost Efficient Vapor Recovery System at Retail Outlets
Innovative Re-refining of used lubricating oils without solvent / acid treatment
Innovative Re-refining of used lubricating oils without solvent / acid treatment
Low cost process for desalination of sea water
Innovative scheme for zero effluent in refineries
Molecular modeling / design of inter phase molecule for dispersion of nano- materials in HC media+
Environmental Friendly Disposal of Insulation material like ceramic blanket / glass wool etc
LPG Cylinder Safety Aspects
Waste to Fuels / Energy
Low cost, high accuracy (+/- 10%) onsite lubricant testing kit
Low cost Hose for Aviation Re-fueller
Low cost Filter Monitor for Aviation Re-fueller
Corrosion Resistant Dome type Tank Roof
Development of Visco-elastic Type Coating
Online fuelling System & Inventory Management for Retail Outlets
Portable Bio- toilets for Retail Outlets
Intelligent 3D modeling of Projects
Retail Outlet Management System
Oil Terminal Management System
Remote monitoring of pipeline right of way and critical pipeline parameters
Automation of Auxiliary Processes at LPG Plants
App Based Solution for meeting retail customer need
Simplification/Automation of the administrative processes
Interactive Air Gauge at Retail Outlets
Safe Unloading and Loading of LPG cylinders at Distributor’s Godown
Electronic leak detector for detecting body and bung leak of LPG cylinders